EDSIGCON Proceeding 2015

Wilmington, North Carolina

2015 EDSIG Proceedings - Panel Presentation

Should we even bother? Examining the Relevance of Teaching Legacy Technologies.

George Stuart Nezlek
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Mark Frydenberg
Bentley University

Michelle Louch
Duquesne University

Anthony Serapiglia
St. Vincent College

Many introductory IS, CIS, MIS, ITM, etc., courses incorporate an often extensive overview of typical information technologies for input, output, storage, networking, etc. As we move towards a cloud-based digital universe where individuals as well as organizations tend to increasingly rely on portable technologies that differ far more in form rather than substance (e.g. iPhones v. Androids) an issue surfaces concerning just how significant the technology overview portion of most introductory courses actually is. Is it really necessary? Is it just a history segment so older faculty can feel comfortable presenting the material they grew up with and a domain in which they are genuinely experts, even if students see absolutely no relevance to the presentation? Or, is it still the most important part of any useful introductory course? Our panel will consider the end points of this continuum and points in-between, as well as offering insights into how to possibly scale back the introduction to potentially irrelevant technologies and scale up the introduction to using those technologies effectively

Targeted Attendees
Faculty involved in the design and delivery of introductory level courses in IT related disciplines

Recommended Citation: Nezlek, G. S., Frydenberg, M., Louch, M., Serapiglia, A., (2015). Should we even bother? Examining the Relevance of Teaching Legacy Technologies.. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2015) n.3553, Wilmington, NC.