EDSIGCON Proceeding 2015

Wilmington, North Carolina

2015 EDSIG Proceedings - Panel Presentation

Service Learning through Community Engagement in Information Systems Courses

Olga Petkova
Central Connecticut State University

James Lawler
Pace University

R J Podeschi
Millikin University

The panel will address several issues associated with the use of service-learning in Information Systems courses like differentiating between service-learning, community engagement and community voluntarism, identification of community partnerships, and challenges associated with implementation of community projects. The panel session will provide also opportunity for sharing of best practices in delivering service learning Information Technology courses. There is not much published research elaborating on the challenges of service-learning through community engagement and the benefits for the students involved in this experience. Although many of the Information Systems faculty understand that this approach is beneficial and positive, the lack of methodological advice on the implementation of such projects and the increased amount of work, associated with them is a hindrance toward the wider utilization of community oriented service- learning in the IS discipline. The main goals of the panel are to create awareness of the mutual benefits for students, community and faculty, resulting from the application of community oriented service-learning and to provide opportunity for sharing of best practices in community oriented service-learning. During the first 30 minutes, the three presenters will explain their initial views in order to initiate a discussion and to allow the audience to participate in it during the last 25 minutes of the panel under the guidance of the moderator.

Targeted Attendees
All faculty teaching Information Systems/ Information Technology.

Recommended Citation: Petkova, O., Lawler, J., Podeschi, R. J., (2015). Service Learning through Community Engagement in Information Systems Courses. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2015) n.3554, Wilmington, NC.