EDSIGCON Proceeding 2015

Wilmington, North Carolina

2015 EDSIG Proceedings - Panel Presentation

Mobile Forensic Security Training: what should be covered and how to teach?

Karen Paullet
Robert Morris University

Frederick Kohun
Robert Morris University

Mobile phones have become an ever-present part of our society bringing to the forefront increasing concerns related to security. Mobile devices are being used to commit crimes and are becoming a target to gain user information for harmful intentions. Mobile security remains a top concern to businesses. The project aims at advancing both knowledge and education in the field of mobile cybersecurity and cyber forensics by creating an online Mobile Forensics and Security (MFS) certificate program and developing and implementing a train-the-trainer program for Computer Information Systems faculty. The Panelists have been funded in an NSF project to develop such a program, and are open to participation and discussion with IS educators. The project will potentially impact thousands of students trained in mobile security, thereby improving cybersecurity in a variety of U.S. industry sectors and government.

Targeted Attendees
IS Educators as well as industry practitioners.

Recommended Citation: Paullet, K., Mishra, S., Pinchot, J., Kohun, F., (2015). Mobile Forensic Security Training: what should be covered and how to teach?. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2015) n.3557, Wilmington, NC.