EDSIGCON Proceeding 2015

Wilmington, North Carolina

2015 EDSIG Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Building the Internet of Things

Mark Frydenberg
Bentley University

The Internet of Things is about what becomes possible when you connect everyday objects to the Internet. In this session you will learn how to use a Raspberry Pi computer to build a smart device connected to the Internet. If you know how to connect wires, plug cables into ports, and count to 17, you're qualified to participate. We will also talk about how to modify this exercise for use in a variety of CIS or IT classes as time and interest permit.

Targeted Attendees
Faculty teaching technology concepts, programming, or networking courses.

Recommended Citation: Frydenberg, M., (2015). Building the Internet of Things. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2015) n.3579, Wilmington, NC