Papers Presented

EDSIGCON Papers Chair

Muhammed Miah, Southern University, New Orleans

Assistant Papers Chair

Neelima Bhatnagar, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

Li-Jen Shannon, Sam Houston State University


A Case Study of Designing an Online Module for an Interdisciplinary Non-Science Majors' Course (4047)
A Creative Approach to Devising Non-Technical, Meaningful Exercises in Human-Computer Interaction Undergraduate Education (4068)
A mindful approach to teaching emotional intelligence to undergraduate students online and in person (4033)
Agile Learning: Sprinting Through the Semester (4019)
An Approach to Harvesting, Cleaning, and Analyzing Data from Twitter Using R (4022)
An Empirical Investigation into the Advantages and Disadvantages of Combining Information Systems and Operations Management into One Department (4036)
An Update on the CIS Curriculum Project (4072)
Analysis of Student Web Queries (4062)
Assessing the Impact of a Technology Ethics Course (4011)


Big Data Analytics Methodology in the Financial Industry (4004)


Closing The Gender Gap in the Technology Major (4064)
Cloud Computing Services in the University Environment (4058)
Cloud-based Versus Local-based Web Development Education: An Experimental Study in Learning Experience, (4039)
Coin Counter: Gamification for Classroom Management (4044)
Comparing Student Interaction in Asynchronous Online Discussions and in Face-to-Face Settings: A Network Perspective, (4024)
Course Design and Technology For Synchronous Interaction in an Online Course (4061)


Designing Effective Excel Training Courses for Organizations using the Corporate University Model (4040)
Developing and Hosting Multimedia Instructional Modules in the Cloud (4048)
Discovering Privacy--or the Lack Thereof (4049)


Emergence of Data Analytics in the Information Systems Curriculum (4051)
Empowering Students to Actively Learn Systems Analysis and Design: The Success of an Entrepreneurial Project in a Hybrid Learning Environment (4054)


Facebook Enhanced College Courses and the Impact of Personality on Sense of Classroom Community (4017)


Grounding IS Design Education in the First Principles of a Designerly Way of Knowing (4050)


How Much Time Do Students Spend On Programming Assignments? A Case for Self Reporting Completion Times (4066)
How to Encourage Middle School Girls Interested in STEM+C Education: An Assessment of Current Status (4003)
How to Teach Emotional Intelligence Skills in IT Project Management, (4031)


Identifying Microsoft Excel Skills Important for Business School Graduates (4041)
Identifying The Real Technology Skills Gap: A Qualitative Look Across Disciplines (4021)
Incorporating Ethics in Big Data and Analytics Curriculum: A New Degree and New Opportunity (4065)
Investigating Student Resistance and Student Perceptions of Course Quality and Instructor Performance in a Flipped Information Systems Classroom (4057)
Increasing Student / Corporate Engagement (4014)
Innovation: Culturally Determined Definition, Application, and Inclusion in Manufacturing (4056)


Java vs. Python Coverage of Introductory Programming Concepts: A Textbook Analysis (4001)


Mobile Forensics and Security Certificate: An Addition to a Cyber Security Degree (4059)


Navigating the Minefield of Self-Publishing E-Textbooks (4037)


Optionality of ERD Relationships: Project for the Introduction to Database Course (4035)


Parental Perceptions and Recommendations of Computing Majors: A Technology Acceptance Model Approach (4020)
Performance Learning of AGILE Methodology Using Paired Courses of Systems Analysis and Design and Web/Mobile Programming (4034)
Programming in the IS Curriculum: Are Requirements Changing for the Right Reason? (4045)
Pursuing a Vendor-Endorsed ERP Award for Better Job Prospect: Students' Perceptions (4013)


Raising the Bar: Challenging Students in a Capstone Project Course With an Android and Mobile Web Parallel Development Team Project (4053)
RateMyInformationSystemsProfessor: Exploring the factors that influence student ratings (4060)
Role-Playing and Problem-Based Learning: The Use of Cross-Functional Student Teams in Business Application Development, (4042)


Student Veterans’ Shared Experience Using Social Media in Higher Education: A Pilot Study with a Hybrid Phenomenological Data Analysis Method (4028)


Testing Frequency in an Introductory Computer Programming Course (4023)
The Flipped C# Programming Classroom: What Students Had to Say (4032)
The Information Security Undergraduate Curriculum: Evolution of a Small Program (4071)
The Personality of a Computing Major: It Makes a Difference (4025)
The Role of IT Industry Certifications in an AACSB-Accredited Institution (4007)
Towards evidence-based teaching, problem-based learning and metacognitive assessment cycles (4069)
Towards Improved Student Experiences in Service Learning in Information Systems Courses (4052)


Understanding Business Analytics Success and Impact: A Qualitative Study (4027)
Using Concept Maps to Assess Students’ Meaningful Learning in IS Curriculum (4046)


Why Women Choose to Not Major in Information Systems (4010)