EDSIGCON Proceeding 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada

2016 EDSIG Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Mobile Forensics

Karen Paullet
Robert Morris University

Currently there is a serious gap in cybersecurity education in the United States. The surge in the use and reliance on mobile technology, combined withe the scarcity of programs that prepare specialists in this area, creates a critical gap. This workshop will demonstrate how to exploit a mobile device by using Paraben's Device Seizure software. The presentation will show how to analyze both an Android and iOs device for evidence and how to recover deleted data from a mobile device. Additionally, there will be a discussion on the limitations associated with mobile forensics as compared to computer forensics and how to address those issues and concerns. Participants will be invited to attend a 5-Day hands-on workshop where they will have the opportunity to learn first hand how to utilize the software in the hopes of teaching it at their institutions. Adding mobile forensics to an existing cybersecurity or computer forensics degree is an asset to the degree and industry.

Targeted Attendees
The target audience for this workshop are for those teaching cybersecurity and computer forensics classes.

Recommended Citation: Paullet, K., (2016). A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Mobile Forensics. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2016) n.4179, Las Vegas, Nevada