EDSIGCON Proceedings 2017

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2017

Austin, Texas

Conference Highlights

2017 EDSIG Proceedings - Panel Presentation

2017 Progress Report of the EDSIG Standing Committee for Curricular Matters

Jeffry Stephen Babb
West Texas A&M University

Leslie Waguespack
Bentley University

Musa J Jafar
Manhattan College

Jason H. Sharp
Tarleton State University

William Tastle
Ithaca College

Jeffrey Landry
University of South Alabama

The EDSIG Standing Committee for Curricular Matters provides a update of recent activities related to articulating and refining a computing curriculum reflective of member institutions. New opportunities to shape computing curricula are discussed. An open call for member input into current and future initiatives is encouraged. The update includes a summary of the ongoing CC2020 Curriculum Project's organization, goals and membership; as well as the work of the EDSIG visualization task team. Attendees are invited to offer comments and suggestions for EDSIG's continuing participation in the CC2020 project representing ACM, IEEE-CS, SIGCHI, and AITP/EDSIG.

Targeted Attendees
EDSIG membership and those interested in learning more about existing EDSIG curriculum projects. Those interested in volunteering or shaping future initiatives

Recommended Citation: Babb, J. S., Waguespack, L., Jafar, M. J., Sharp, J. H., Tastle, W., Landry, J., (2017). 2017 Progress Report of the EDSIG Standing Committee for Curricular Matters. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2017) n.4416, Austin, Texas