2020 EDSIG Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

Engaging Government-Industry-University Partnerships to Further Gender Equity in STEM Workforce Education through Technology and Information System Learning Tools

Kirk Knestis
Incer, LLC

Rebekah Rebekah
Becks Intelligence Group, LLC

Joselina Cheng
University of Central Oklahoma


This paper details processes through which a grant-funded project leveraged active partnerships among government agencies (e.g. the Federal Bureau of Investigation); industry firms (e.g. Apple, IBM), and university entities to research and develop an innovative, out-of-school information system and technology workforce education program, with the aim of improving equity of opportunity for high school girls. As senior personnel on a project funded under a National Science Foundation workforce development program (Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers or ITEST), the authors focus on how those cross-sector collaborations informed decisions driving implementation and design of technology-rich experiences to engage girls in data science, analytics, information communication technology, and programming disciplines in an experiential, law enforcement computer forensics context. Their discussion considers implications regarding the most useful—and evolving—roles that business and government partners might play developing programs to motivate girls traditionally underrepresented in technical fields to be more aware of, interested in, and prepared for careers in technology, information systems, and related disciplines