EDSIGCON Proceedings 2020

Virtual Conference, November 2020

Conference Highlights

2020 EDSIG Proceedings: Panel Presentation

Like Playing Whack-a-Mole in the Dark: Teaching Online during a Pandemic

Jill West
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Graceful Beam
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Michael Sosnkowski
Virginia Commonwealth University

Mark Ciampa
Western Kentucky University

Teaching online has always been challenging. Throw a pandemic into the mix, and teaching online becomes exponentially more difficult. Students who have no interest in taking an online course suddenly have no other options. Instructors must wrestle with a myriad of technical, motivational, and pedagogical challenges.

In this panel of experienced online instructors in cybersecurity, networking, cloud computing, business management, and information systems, we will discuss various techniques for teaching online during a pandemic. Topics will include tools and strategies for the online classroom, perspective from the administrator’s point of view, and insights from authors who design and develop online curriculum. While acknowledging specific challenges, we’ll see how available tools, strategies, and the learning science behind it all can turn this crisis into a critical turning point toward greater success and connection with students. Moderator: Jill West, instructor and author.

Targeted Attendees
Instructors of all experience levels