EDSIGCON Proceedings 2020

Virtual Conference, November 2020

Conference Highlights

2020 EDSIG Proceedings: Workshop Presentation

Teaching Cloud: AWS, Azure, or Google?

Jill West
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

The cloud computing industry is currently dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. That means our students could find themselves using any or all of these three major platforms as they enter the industry. How do we as instructors need to prepare our students for these different cloud environments? What educational resources do each of these cloud providers offer classrooms and instructors so our students can get their hands dirty in the cloud? In this workshop, we’ll explore the platforms and cloud services from AWS, Azure, and Google, and we’ll see how performing the same basic tasks compares across platforms. We’ll examine various options for your students to access the cloud in their coursework, along with tips for minimizing or avoiding charges in each platform and insights on incorporating cloud into your existing courses. We’ll also survey entry level certifications offered by each cloud provider and options for accessing training and practice activities for you and your students.

Targeted Attendees
Beginning and introductory cloud instructors