Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education


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2021 Washington, DC

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2020 Virtual Conference

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2019 Cleveland, Ohio

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2018 Norfolk, VA

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2017 Austin, TX

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2016 Las Vegas, NV

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2015 Wilmington, NC

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Held in the fall, EDSIGCON is the annual conference of the Education Special Interest Group of the Information Systems and Computer Academic Professionals (ISCAP). The conference focuses on Information Systems & Computing Education and serves academic professionals & institutions of higher learning. EDSIGCON is held jointly with the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR).

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ISSN#: 2473-3857

The proceedings are published in the fall by Information Systems & Computing Academic Professionals (ISCAP) and represent the papers, panels, workshops and teaching cases presented at EDSIGCON. Copyright for individual papers is retained by the authors of those papers. Papers submitted prior to the July deadline are eligible for consideration and potential in the Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ), which is Cabell’s listed with 38% acceptance rate or the new Cybersecurity Pedagogy and Practice Journal (CPPJ). The best paper from the EDSIG Conference will be given consideration for publication in the Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE). Journal accepted papers will be listed in the proceedings with an abstract and reference to the journal publication.


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