EDSIGCON Proceedings 2017

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2017

Austin, Texas

Conference Highlights

Teaching Cases

Teaching Case Chair

Anthony Serapiglia, St. Vincent College


ACS: Bringing Business Intelligence and Analytics to a Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Company, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4472)


Data Analytics Projects with Microsoft Excel, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4476)
Dragon Air: A Database Design Case, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4473)


Electronic Pigeons: A Drone Delivery Database, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4477)


Formula One – a database project from start to finish, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4478)


Practicing the Concept of Fit in a Human-Computer Interaction Classroom Through Paper Prototyping, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4481)


Setting Up a Hadoop System in Cloud - A Lab Activity for Big Data Analytics, (Case (Teaching or Business))(4480)
Super Saturday Series (S3) Dashboard in Power View , (Case (Teaching or Business))(4471)
System Development and Data Modeling for Stevens’ Wholesale Health Supplies , (Case (Teaching or Business))(4474)


“What Gets Measured, Gets Managed” - The Wells Fargo Account Opening Scandal , (Case (Teaching or Business))(4479)