Best Papers and Cases

Best Papers Chair

Wendy Ceccucci, Quinnipiac University

Best Paper of EDSIGCON

Learning by Teaching through Collaborative Tutorial Creation: Experience using GitHub and AsciiDoc (4603)

Jim Marquardson
Northern Michigan University

Ryan Schuetzler
University of Nebraska - Omaha

Best Teaching Case of EDSIGCON

When Technology Meets Tax (4779)

Marinela Lautt
Eunice Asumadu
Nurdin Abdul
Melinda Korzaan

Middle Tennessee State University

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 10%)

Connecting the Dots: Strategies to Recruit Computer Information Systems Students (4611)

Steve Leon
Appalachian State University

Jason Xiong
Appalachian State University

Querying Bitcoin Blockchain Using SQL (4607)

Kwok-Bun Yue
University of Houston - Clear Lake

Karthika Chandrasekar
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Hema Gullapalli
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Teaching Professionalism and Ethics in Information Technology by Deliberative Dialogue (4608)

Li-Jen Yu Lester
Sam Houston State University

Yaprak Dalat-Ward
Fort Hays State University

Meritorious Paper Awards (top 15%)

Building the Physical Web: A Campus Tour Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (4613)

Jake O'Connell
Bentley University

Mark Frydenberg
Bentley University

Cooperative Learning Activities for Introduction to MIS

Amy J. Connolly
James Madison University

Daniel Rush
Boise State University

Simulation for Network Education: Transferring Networking Skills Between Simulated to Physical Environments (4617)

Jim Marquardson
Northern Michigan University

David Gomillion
Texas A&M University