EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

Norfolk, Virginia

Conference Highlights Keynote Presentations

Panels and Discussions

(ordered by presentation time)

EDSIG Town Hall

Leslie Waguespack
Bentley University

Thursday - 11/1/2018 in Elizabeth Board Room at 3:00 pm

Open Q&A session with the officers of EDSIG. All are invited to ask about our organization and its future

Creating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning

Tom Dillon
James Madison University

Tony Dillon
University of South Carolina

Katherine Payne
West Texas A&M University

Friday - 11/2/2018 in Marriot 6/7 at 8:45 am

With an renewed emphasis on engaged and experiential learning, university faculty are seeking new methods to bring outside professionals into the classroom and to enhance and monitor internship experiences. Successful examples will be presented and discussed.

Beyond #MeToo: Uprooting unconscious bias in STEM fields

Jennifer Breese
Indiana University South Bend

Nicole Scott
Agile Edge

Philip Kim
Walsh University

Elizabeth Stork
Robert Morris University

Eric Breimer
Siena College

Friday - 11/2/2018 in Marriot 6/7 at 10:30 am

There is conscious bias and unconscious bias, also sometimes called implicit bias. Implicit bias is bias that of which we are not consciously aware. Implicit bias leads changes in our thoughts, feeling and beliefs about the world we live in.... (more)

Teaching blockchain: Technology, applications and implications

David Yates
Bentley University

Kevin Metzer
Bryant University

Friday - 11/2/2018 in Marriot 6/7 at 3:20 pm

Blockchain. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Smart Contracts. ICOs. A lot of new terminology is swirling around the emerging technology of blockchain. This panel will provide a basic level of understanding of the blockchain technology to help the attendees understand the blockchain environment and the different terminology. The panelists will debate on the “killer apps” the hold promise based on blockchain. More...