An Examination of Project Context in Improving Computer Programming Pedagogy, (4791)
Automated Assessment with Formative Feedback using Excel, (4789)
Building and Launching a Student-run I.T. Consulting Venture, (4782)
Effective Internships: A Study Combining Curriculum Development, Student Performance, and Program Assessment, (4785)
Ethical Hacking Skills: Review of Pedagogical Approaches and Recommendation of Best Practices, (4790)
Implementing Trigger Automation Activities in Business Marketing Courses, (4795)
The Emergence of Business Analytics in Information Systems from 2011-2018, (4798)
Understanding the Contemporary and Forward-Looking Technology Needs of Employers for Integration in a Business Curriculum, (4793)
Using Contextual Semantic Search to Gather Actionable Insights for Curriculum Development: A Research Proposal, (4796)

Curriculum (Model / Assessment)

A Nationwide Exploratory Study on Faculty Opinions on Student Preparation, Performance, and Evaluations, (4648)
Information System Curriculum versus Employer Needs: A Gap Analysis, (4636)
Peer Tutors: To Embed or Not to Embed, (4646)
Principles of Program Revision for Computing Degrees: A Data-Driven 360 Degree Program Review Model, (4653)
The pedagogy of emergency management academic programs: A balance between training and education, (4783)
The Soul of the Introductory Information Systems Course , (4643)
Toward CAE-CDE 4Y Designation through Curriculum Modernization of a Traditional Computer Science Undergraduate Program, (4657)
Toward Visualizing Computing Curricula: The Challenge of Competency , (4633)
What! No GUI?, (4635)

Data Analytics (Education in)

A Cross Collegiate Analysis of the Curricula of Business Analytics Minor Programs, (4634)
Integrating Big Data Analytics into an Undergraduate Information Systems Program using Hadoop, (4632)
Querying Bitcoin Blockchain Using SQL, (4607)
Transitioning a Systems Design and Analytics Course for Analytics Project Work: Topic and Pedagogical Considerations, (4787)
Using Jupyter Notebooks and GitHub to Create Explorable Explanations in Python and SAS Classes: Early Experience, (4784)

Online Learning (Innovation in)

A Sentiment and Linguistic Analysis of Online Reviews of Online Universities, (4616)
Measuring the return on investment regarding presence in the online classroom, (4786)
Using Codecademy Interactive Lessons as an Instructional Supplement in a Python Programming Course, (4615)

Other Education Topics

A Sampling of IT Service Learning Activities: Possible Impact on Students and Community Partners, (4639)

Other IS/IT/CS Topics

Building the Physical Web: A Campus Tour Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons , (4613)
Connecting the Dots: Strategies to Recruit Computer Information Systems Students, (4611)
Dotting i’s and Crossing T’s: Integrating Breadth and Depth in an Undergraduate Cybersecurity Course, (4654)
From the Campus to the Conference "A Case Study in the Design and Development of Cyber Contests for Professional Conferences", (4640)
Interim Awardee Outcomes after Four Years of a STEM Scholarship Program, (4627)
IT Infrastructure Strategy in an Undergraduate Course, (4651)
Linking Programmer Analyst Skills to Industry Needs: A Current Review, (4626)
Navigating the Academic “White Water”: Strategic Issues for Computer Information Systems Education , (4602)
Reflections on Appling for CAE-CDE Designation , (4630)
Software Concepts Emphasized In Introductory Programming Textbooks , (4649)
Teaching Formal Methods in the Context of Model Driven Engineering, (4650)
The Contribution of the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) to Higher Education Research, (4601)


Beyond #MeToo: Uprooting unconscious bias in STEM fields, (4731)
Creating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning, (4732)
EDSIG Annual Meeting, (4734)
EDSIG Fellows Meeting, (4735)
EDSIG Town Hall, (4733)

Pedagogy (Innovation in)

A Case Study on Using the Mendix Low Code Platform to support a Project Management Course, (4621)
A Preliminary Study: The Use of VoiceThread in Online Business Courses, (4609)
A Study of Gender Bias in Grading in the MCIS Program at CSU from 2013 through 2017, (4605)
Active Learning Using Debates in An IT Strategy Course, (4620)
An experiment on the impact of critical thinking instruction on the understanding of IS implementation problems, (4628)
Applying an Agile Approach in an Information Systems Capstone Course , (4622)
Applying an Agile Collaborative Design Factory Methodology to Course Projects of STEM, (4781)
Certifying Business Students in Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Excel Core Exam: Lessons Learned, (4618)
Collaborative Education: Building a Skilled Software Validation and Verification Community, (4645)
Cooperative Learning Activities for Introduction to MIS, (4619)
Critical Thinking Task for Information Technology Project Management, (4794)
Easy as Py: A First Course in Python with a Taste of Data Analytics , (4614)
Engaging College Students on Collaborative Projects with People with Cognitive Disabilities through e-Portfolios, (4606)
Hour of Code: A Study of Gender Differences in Computing, (4624)
Keeping the MIS Capstone Relevant: Three Cases, (4644)
Knowledge and Skill Gaps in Programming, (4647)
Learning by Teaching through Collaborative Tutorial Creation: Experience using GitHub and AsciiDoc, (4603)
Mixed-Approach Social Comparison for Improving Online Discussion Efficacy: Insights from Field Experiments, (4642)
Partial Credit on Multiple-choice Exams: Does It Help or Hurt Students?, (4625)
Process-Focused Approach to a Systems Analysis & Design Group Project, (4629)
Reflections on Applying the Growth Mindset Approach to Computer Programming Courses, (4641)
Simulation for Network Education: Transferring Networking Skills Between Simulated to Physical Environments, (4617)
Teaching of Clinical Workflow Analysis with Process Mining: An Experience Report, (4658)
Teaching Professionalism and Ethics in Information Technology by Deliberative Dialogue, (4608)
Using VBA to provide fast, personalized feedback to assignments submitted electronically., (4792)

Teaching Cases

Alpha Insurance: A Predictive Analytics Case to Analyze Automobile Insurance Fraud using SAS Enterprise Miner, (4761)
Building Teams with Legos, (4768)
Closing the Deal amidst Falling Customer Satisfaction, (4771)
Dancing with Bigfoot: The Risks and Liabilities of Online Reviews , (4765)
Data Cleansing: An Omission from Data Analytics Coursework, (4631)
Establishing Industry-Course Partnerships (ICP): Innovative Learning in Business Analytics Courses, (4774)
IT Disconnect at Cascade Sustainable Energy, (4773)
Social Media and the Velvet Revolution in Armenia, (4776)
SQL: An Introduction to SQL Lesson and Hands-On Lab, (4767)
System Design and Development of a Tween Esteem Event Management System Case, (4763)
System Development and Data Modeling for Mark’s Doggy Daycare and Boutique , (4764)
The Course Registration App: A Low Code Development Scenario to Support Core IS Courses, (4775)
When Technology Meets Tax, (4779)


Forge Cybersecurity Skills with Palo Alto Networks, (4753)
Hands-on experience building an application in minutes and learning how to close your students skills gaps, (4757)
JISE Info Session, (4756)
McGraw Hill, (4755)
Pegasystem hold, (4754)