Panels and Discussions

(ordered by presentation time)

Panels Chair

Nesrin Bakir, West Texas A&M University

EDSIG Town Hall

Jeffry Babb
West Texas A&M University

Eric Breimer
Siena College

Leslie Waguespack
Bentley University

Thursday - 11/7/2019 in Wade at 3:50 pm

Open Q&A session with the officers of EDSIG. All are invited to ask about our organization and its future

The Evolving Cybersecurity Curriculum

Anthony Serapiglia
St. Vincent College

Ulku Clark
University of North Carolina Wilmington

David Yates
Bentley University

Brandon Brown
Coastline College

Friday - 11/8/2019 in Wade at 8:45 am

The NSA/CSS program to identify National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019. The success of this program in certifying over 270 programs has greatly influenced how many institutions are developing and evolving their Cybersecurity curriculums. On November 30, 2018 ABET announced their accreditation criteria for Undergraduate Cybersecurity Programs. This effort by one of the primary accrediting agencies in higher education will be sure to also exert great influence over the future direction of Cybersecurity programs.

IS2020: Updating the IS Model Curriculum

Paul Leidig
Grand Valley State University

Greg Anderson
Brigham Young University

Jeffry Babb
West Texas A&M University

Raja Sooriamurthi
Carnegie Mellon University

Friday - 11/8/2019 in Whitehall Room at 10:30 am

The IS2020 is a joint ACM and AIS initiative that, for the first time since 2002, includes EDSIG’s participation. A taskforce on the Information Systems (IS2020) Model Curriculum was created following a report and recommendation of an Exploratory Taskforce. This panel seeks to introduce the work of this taskforce as well as engage the IS education community in this effort. The taskforce seeks to facilitate broad feedback during the IS2020 development process through surveys and open feedback requests. Panelists will introduce key components of this process and seek input and feedback. This session should be of interest to all attendees, especially faculty developing college-level curricula in Information Systems. The nature of EDSIG’s participation will be elaborated and opportunities to participate in future development will be shared.

Meet the Editor of JISE

Lee Freeman
University of Michigan – Dearborn

Friday - 11/8/2019 in Humprey at 2:35 pm

Learn about publishing in the Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE), which is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly that focuses on IS education, pedagogy, and curriculum including (but not limited to) model curriculum, course projects/cases, course materials, curriculum design & implementation, outcomes assessment, distance education challenges, capstone learning projects, and technology selection & impact.