EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Highlights


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Workshop Chair

Nesrin Bakir, West Texas A&M University

Introduction to Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)

Clif Kussmaul
Green Mango Associates, LLC

Thursday - 11/7/2019 in Wade at 9:00 am

This workshop introduces computing educators to Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL). In a POGIL classroom, teams of 3-4 learners work on activities with a particular structure based on learning cycles. Through scripted inquiry and investigation, learners discover concepts and construct their own knowledge. Using assigned team roles and other scaffolding, learners develop process skills and individual responsibility. The teacher is not a lecturer, but an active facilitator who helps all students to be engaged and achieve the learning objectives. POGIL is an evidence-based approach, and has been shown to significantly improve student outcomes. More....

Next-Level Auto-grading in MIS Courses

Emily Pope
Cengage Learning

Amy Savino
Cengage Learning

Thursday - 11/7/2019 in Wade at 10:30 am

Join the Cengage Product team as we discuss strategies for bringing higher-level critical-thinking to auto-graded activities in MindTap. These engaging activities are designed to give students the hands-on practice AND real time feedback that they need to help ensure course success and career readiness. Attendees will get a preview of both new and not-yet released features for Intro MIS, Systems Analysis and Design, Database Management and SQL. Attendees are encouraged to bring their syllabi and questions/ideas about increasing student engagement.

Democratizing Data Science Education using AutoML: Teaching with Dataiku DSS

Diane Igoche
Robert Morris University

Thursday - 11/7/2019 in Wade at 11:20 am

This interactive workshop will showcase a collaborative data science tool that can be used to teach Data Science to students with diverse programming and computing backgrounds. Attendees will leave the workshop with a sample course outline (8 week or 15 week), and a project to use in their courses. Dataiku's DSS is a collaborative data science software that can help users explore, build, and deliver data products. More...

Transform an Excel file to a real web and mobile app in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix!

Cynthia Trotta

Thursday - 11/7/2019 in Wade at 1:30 pm

Perfect for students of all levels – create an app in minutes from an Excel file. Whether you’re new to Mendix or to the latest in Mendix, open up the world of building a robust full-stack app via Excel. You will build a simple app, learn how 130+ other universities are using Mendix in the classroom, and receive customized or ready-to-use activities for your students. Mendix is the leading low-code app development platform and through our University Program, Professors and students enjoy completely free Mendix technology, training, certifications and curriculum.

Smart Interactive Resources for Microsoft/Database/SQL/Business Computing Concepts/ Data Analytics

Scott Pectol

Jaret Wilson

Thursday - 11/7/2019 in Whitehall Room at 3:00 pm

MyEducator has been created by professors for professors. Our interactive smart textbooks are different from those offered by the major publishers and are a great alternative to OER. See our courseware in action. Demonstration of our smart resources, platform, LMS integration, instructor material, and free full access to any book in our catalog.

Improving IS Student Decisions: A Framework for Debiasing IS Projects

John Drake
East Carolina University

Beth Lang Golub
Prospect Press VT

Friday - 11/8/2019 in Wade at 11:20 am

Projects are a powerful way to help students learn IS concepts. Yet, student results are often wildly inconsistent in quality. Is there a way to systemically improve the quality of projects made by students to create higher quality results? This presentation introduces a framework for evaluating project design that strategically debiases student thinking. By instituting an array of task-based and behavioral-based debiasing techniques, instructors can design a course to effectively limit or mitigate the biases of students. This framework has been used in a project for an e-commerce course, but opportunities abound in other courses. This presentation will be interactive, with worksheets and activities to spark conversation.

Technology for Every Major

Misty Decker

Friday - 11/8/2019 in Humprey at 1:45 pm

Most everyone needs some skills in technology in order to do their jobs well, from artists using digital rendering to lawyers programming contracts in a blockchain and even school teachers using analytics to understand student needs. Future job roles will include more and more of these advanced technologies, requiring students to develop T-shaped skills with depth in their major and breadth in a wider variety of topics than ever before. Therefore it is imperative that universities give every student some exposure to modern technologies. But how to do that when technology is changing faster than the speed of curriculum development? In this presentation, Misty Decker will demonstrate some surprising examples of how your students in even non-technical degrees will need to understand modern technologies. More....

Engaging the Distracted: Using Technology to Meet the Challenge of Reaching Gen Z and Millennials Without Deterring Non-Traditional Students

Casey Wilhelm
North Idaho College

Ted Tedmon
North Idaho College

Friday - 11/8/2019 in Wade at 3:20 pm

A dynamic, interactive discussion of how student populations have changed and how professors can adjust instructional designs to meet these changes. While many classes include significant numbers of ESL students and while numerous students receive accommodations for cognitive challenges such as ADHD, little is done to meet the needs of these students aside from allowing additional time for assignments or assessments. Often, these accommodations alienate students by requiring them to use alternative examination sites such as testing centers, which can exacerbate feelings of separation from the rest of the class. More.....