EDSIGCON Proceedings 2020

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2020

Virtual Conference, November 2020

Conference Highlights



Development of a Flexible Point-based Promotion and Tenure Document in the Age of Societal Uncertainty (5313)

Curriculum (Model / Assessment)

“BILT for Success”: An Alternative Education Strategy to Reskill the Business and Technology Professionals for a Sustainable Future (5316)
Aligning the Technical and Soft Skills of Management Information Systems and Business Analytics Curricula to Supplement Accounting Education (5370)
Investigating Student Behavior in an Interdisciplinary Computing Capstone Course (5305)
Re-Engineering General Education and the Impact on Undergraduate Technology Students (5330)
Reflections from Recent Graduates on a Computer Information Systems Culminating Experience (5392)

Cyber and Security (Education)

An Inventory of Privacy Curricula Offerings in Higher Education (5318)
Building a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program: Early-Stage Success and Some Lessons Learned (5367)
Development of a Small Cybersecurity Program at a Community College (5311)
Exploring Depth in Cybersecurity Education Through the Lens of a SIEM (5327)
Novice Cybersecurity Students Encounter TracerFIRE: An Experience Report (5337)
Plugin-based Tool for Secure Mobile Application Development (5352)

Data Analytics (Education in)

A Guide to Interpreting and Communicating Regression Analyses for Data Analytics Students (5364)
Business Analytics: Addressing the Real Skill Requirements of Employers (5343)
From Engagement to Empowerment: Project-Based Learning in Python Coding Courses (5356)
Moving to Business Analytics: Re-Designing a Traditional Systems Analysis and Design Course (5324)
Python Programming in an IS Curriculum: Perceived Relevance and Outcomes (5319)

Online Learning (Innovation in)

Blockchain Technology in Peer-to-Peer eLearning: Opportunities and Challenges (5310)
Effects of emergency online learning during COVID-19 pandemic on student performance and connectedness (5361)
Mobile Technology in Higher Education:: an Extended Technology Acceptance Perspective (5320)
Online teaching effectiveness: A case study of online 4-week classes in a graduate information systems program (5355)

Other IS/IT/CS Topics

Changeover From Professor to Professor Emerita: Challenges and Opportunities (5341)
Cognitive Learning Strategies in an Introductory Computer Programming Course (5359)
Curriculum? Shmurriculum! The Relationship Between Major Curriculum Characteristics and First-Year Earnings for Information Systems Graduates (5346)
Effectiveness of Educational Delivery Modes: A Study in Computer Information Systems (5335)
Higher Education Combating Climate Change through Social Media (5326)
IoT Education using Learning Kits of IoT Devices (5342)
The Impact of Industrial Placement on BIS Graduate Employment and Further Educational Advancement (5380)
The Importance of Faculty/Staff Support During Times of Crisis (5314)

Pedagogy (Innovation in)

An Analysis of Course Impacts from a Design Factory Methodology (5317)
An Investigation On Student Perceptions of Self-Regulated Learning In An Introductory Computer Programming Course (5358)
Assessing AWS and Traditional Cluster-Based Learning Outcomes in an Information Technology Classroom (5383)
Assessing Technological Self-Conception: Are Business Students Ready to be Citizen Developers? (5336)
Class Participation and Student Performance: A Follow-up Study , (5375)
Distributed Project Teams and Software Development An Introduction to the use of Git and GitHub for ASP.NET MVC Development (5344)
Effects of Teaching and Practice of Time Management Skills on Academic Performance in Computer Information Systems Courses (5354)
Pandemic Shift: Impact of COVID-19 on IS/Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Exam Classes: Remote Testing and Lessons Learned (5373)
Promoting Positive Student Outcomes: The Use of Reflection and Planning Activities with a Growth-Mindset Focus and SMART Goals (5376)
Student Group Satisfaction Perceptions using Agile in a Project-Based Course (5315)
Towards Improving Student Expectations in Introductory Programming Course with Incrementally Scaffolded Approach (5349)
Using Student Choice in Assignments to Create a Learner-Centered Environment for Online Courses (5322)