2021 EDSIG Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

Cyber Threats on IoT and AI assisted Digital Learning Environments

Biju Bajracharya
East Tennessee State University

Vamsi Gondi
Ball State University

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a low-cost, inexpensive device embedded into any existing physical device converting into an intelligent device. These intelligent devices have greatly impacted every facet of our daily life. The IoT devices coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) have brought several innovations across different sectors including education, research, business, healthcare, robotics, retail, banking, and many others. In education sectors, these innovations support the extended learning experience beyond the classrooms, real-time assessment and feedback, automated, personalized, and self-paced learning, better use of resources, virtual classrooms, and supporting the teachers on their time-consuming tasks. These innovations in the educational sectors are greatly influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic situation to adapt to the changing circumstances. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed enormous pressures on education sectors to adapt to the remote digital learning environment. Even after the pandemic, these adaptations of the learning environment are likely to thrive. The remote digital learning environment brought numerous benefits by stripping away barriers in education, such as geography, language, and opportunities for enhanced learning systems. The rapid adoption of these digital environments also creates avenues for cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are the exploitation of vulnerabilities in digital systems and naïve people. These cyberattacks can disrupt operations and compromise educational data. The exponential growth and persistent sophistication of cyberattacks are ever-increasing. To be resilient and safe from such detrimental cyberattacks, it is necessary to raise awareness and stay up-to-date information of cyber threats throughout the educational community and promote the prosperity of the digital learning environment that leads to the smart education system.