2021 EDSIG Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

Encouraging Metacognition in Programming Courses

Kevin Matthews
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Pedagogy researchers have suggested using metacognition in higher education classrooms for many years; however, instructors of programming courses often do not include this strategy in their learning techniques. We introduced metacognitive self-reflection surveys in introductory programming courses and found that inclusion of these exercises had benefits for both students and faculty. The goal of this paper is to promote general metacognition in programming courses, that is, to encourage students to think about their own performance, how they learn, and what they may need to alter moving forward. This paper provides rationale for inclusion of metacognition in programming courses and details a case of incorporating self-reflection for students in an introductory programming course. While it is hopeful that this paper will inspire other faculty to promote metacognitive skills in their classrooms, we also hope to encourage the future research of these benefits and how they can be explored moving forward.