2021 EDSIG Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

Launching an Integrated Technologies Curriculum and Lab

Jason Ferguson
Bellevue University

The Integrated Technologies curriculum is a three-course cluster designed to scaffold Internet of Things (IoT), IoT related concepts, knowledge, skills, and competencies across each course. The first three-credit hour course of the three-course cluster is intended to teach basic concepts of Integrated Technologies and IoT, the fundamentals of data, basics of networking, how electronic IoT components work, and to explore career pathways available. The second three-credit hour course is designed to introduce fundamental programming constructs using the Python language and a visual programming language to enable the functionality of payloads (sensors) designed for IoT devices, cloud-enabled workflow automation, and to discuss security and privacy implications. The third three-credit hour course is intended as a capstone course to teach the concepts and practices of identifying a real-world problem and to design, develop, and implement a prototype Integrated Technology solution. All three courses incorporate hands-on lab projects to reinforce course topics. A goal of creating an inviting learning environment that can inspire and prepare students to pursue technology careers and degrees was at the forefront of the brand-new lab space constructed. The location of the lab within the student center was also a strategic decision intended to make this learning environment highly visible to the campus community. The Integrated Technologies lab curriculum model could serve to achieve three primary goals (1) inspire and prepare students to pursue technology careers and degrees that are currently considering other pathways, (2) attract secondary school teachers, University students, career-changer adults, and unrepresented minorities, (3) keep and attract the next-generation of skilled and in high-demand workforce in Nebraska. The Integrated Technologies lab is intended to be an inviting, active, hands-on, collaborative, and innovative learning space with dedicated faculty and faculty assistants to support students and achieve positive educational outcomes.