2021 EDSIG Proceedings: Abstract Presentation

DevOps: The Sky’s the Limit in Higher Education.

Christina Hupy

DevOps, the set of practices that combines software development and information technology operations, is transforming teaching, learning, and research in higher education. Early adopters across educational institutions worldwide have recognized the benefit of DevOps, not only for teaching coding itself but from a multitude of other disciplines and use cases. GitLab’s Education Survey of more than 800 of its education program members demonstrates that adoption extends well into many academic disciplines and that adopting DevOps culture, operations, workflows, and technology in the classroom has immense benefits. This presentation will share the multitude of ways Universities are transforming teaching, learning and research with DevOps . We’ll share survey data, program member case studies, and specific examples from peer-reviewed research. We’ll also cover the challenges Universities faced in their DevOps journey and how they overcame them.