EDSIGCON Proceedings 2021

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2021

Washington DC, November 2021

Conference Highlights



Evolution of Assessment in the Computer Science Program at a Regional University (5553)

Curriculum (Model / Assessment)

A Framework for the Sudden Switch to Remote and Online Teaching (5542)
Analysis of STeM Student Perceptions of a Re-Engineered General Education Program (5535)
Beyond Competency: The Imperative to Foster Professionalism in Computing Graduates (5589)
IS Model Curriculum: Adoption by AACSB Schools and Recommendations for Future Updates (5524)
Skills Infusion in Information Technology Education (5581)
Using CBE to Design a Cybersecurity Curriculum (5532)

Cyber and Security (Education)

A Cybersecurity Exercise In Linux: Student Learning Analysis (5548)
A Full-stack Platform for Teaching Web Application Security (5557)
Backdoors & Breaches: Using a Tabletop Exercise Game to Teach Cybersecurity Incident Response (5562)
Incorporating Risk Management and Cyber Insurance Concepts in the MIS and Business Curriculum (5520)
Information Security Outcomes and Summative Assessment for ABET-Accredited IS and IT Programs (5573)
Preparation for a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (PCAP) (5585)
Proposing the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment for Cybersecurity Education (IVLE4C) (5533)
Experience of Teaching Defensive Cybersecurity in Hybrid Mode (5625) SOC It to ‘Em: Bringing a Security Operations Center onto a University Campus (5516)

Data Analytics (Education in)

A Learning Aid for Ushering Logistic Regression Early in Introductory Analytics Courses (5598)
A Pedagogical Experience in Designing and Teaching a Report-Oriented Business Intelligence Course (5564)
Evaluating Learning Impact using Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis (5543)
Instructional Modes for the New Normal: In-Class, Synchronous or Asynchronous? (5602)
Reflections on the Creation of a Business Analytics Minor (5575)

Online Learning (Innovation in)

Pandemic Pivoting: Re-Imagining Entrepreneurial Projects of STEM (5505)
The COVID-19 Effect: Have Students Changed Perceptions on Online Education? (5530)
The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Course Grades: A Remote Learning Analysis (5597)
The Impact of Choice Theory on Student Outcomes in Online Courses (5531)
The Role of Task Value and Online Learning Strategies in an Introductory Computer Programming Course (5577)
Use of Artificial Intelligence to Grade Student Discussion Boards: An Exploratory Case Study (5547)

Other IS/IT/CS Topics

A TA-Like Chatbot Application: ATOB (5579)
Antecedents of Computer-based Testing (CBT) Anxiety and Performance (5592)
Digital Badges as an Agile Pathway: Implementing Graduate-Level, Micro-Credential Programs to Reskill the IT Workforce (5507)
Gender Differences in Perception of Satisfaction, Inclusion, and Participation in Information Technology Careers: Insights for Recruitment and Retention of Female Students (5588)
Infusing Artificial Intelligence in IS Curriculum through Service-Learning: A Summary of Pilot Programs (5609)
Leveraging AWS Educate Classrooms in Cloud Computing Courses (5563)
Preparing for the Future of Work: Towards a Typology of Digital Skills Initiatives (5525)

Pedagogy (Innovation in)

Against “Flexibility”: Tightening the Cage of Academic Rigor with Instructors’ Responsibility and Rationality (5528)
An Agile Framework for Teaching with Scrum in the IT Project Management Classroom ** Best JISE Paper (2020) (5566)
Conversational Agent Supported Incrementally Scaffolded Approach for Teaching Introductory Programming Course(s) (5565)
Implementing Service Learning in an IT Strategy Course (5521)
Integrating AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification into a Systems Administration Course (5552)
IT Skills Gap: A Survey Of Employers’ Requirements In 4 Key Domains (5515)
No Pain, No Gain? Factors Driving Coding Bootcamp Satisfaction (5527)
The Introduction to Information Systems Course: A Topical Examination (5523)