EDSIGCON Proceedings 2022

Clearwater FL, November 2022

Conference Highlights

Best Papers Chair

Kevin Mentzer
Nichols College

Best Paper of EDSIGCON

Question Driven Introductory Programming Instruction: A Pilot Study (5767)

Deepak Dawar Miami University

Best Teaching Case of EDSIGCON

Risk assignments and tradeoffs on the road to driverless vehicles:
Yours, mine and ours (5720)

Paul Witman
Jim Prior
Scott Mackelprang
California Lutheran University

Distinguished Paper Awards (top 10%)

Implementing a First-Year Experience Course for IT Majors (5727)

David Woods
Miami University

Managing Graduate Student Advisement Questions
during a Season of Explosive Growth:
Development and Testing of an Advising Chatbot (5745)

Reshmi Mitra
Dana Schwieger
Robert Lowe

Southeast Missouri State University

A Chatbot for Teaching Secure Programming (5752)

James Walden
Ludiana Atnafu
Nicholas Caporusso

Northern Kentucky University

Distinguished Case Award (top 10%)

Creating a Clear Vision for Rural Healthcare: A Data Analysis Exercise (5750)

Christine Ladwig
Taylor Weber
Dana Schwieger

Southeast Missouri State University

Meritorious Paper Awards (top 15%)

A Mixed-Method Study of Significant Learning Experiences with Cyber Ranges in Cybersecurity Education (5728)

Cheryl Beauchamp
Regent University

Holly Matusovich
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Considering Maritime Cybersecurity at a Non-Maritime Education and Training Institution (5775)

Geoff Stoker
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Jeff Greer
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Christopher Chiego
California State University Maritime Academy

Ulku Clark
University of North Carolina Wilmington