EDSIGCON Proceedings 2022

Clearwater FL, November 2022

Conference Highlights

Teaching Cases

Teaching Cases Chairs

Ira Goldstein, Siena College

Michelle Louch, Duquesne University

A Registration System for a Citywide Service Project: A System Design & Development Case (5732)
Alexa, Teach Me About the Internet of Things! (5730)
Creating a Clear Vision for Rural Healthcare: A Data Analysis Exercise (5750)
Design Thinking: Facilitating Consumer Access to Community Services (5758)
Health Care Management: Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent Post-Surgical Falls after Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery (5737)
Managing Data Analytics Group Projects in Large Online Courses (5744)
Predicting an Acquittal Verdict Using CRISP-DM and R (5731)
Risk assignments and tradeoffs on the road to driverless vehicles: Yours, mine and ours (5720)
Risk Register TLC: A Cybersecurity Case of Manufacturing Tables, Lecterns, and Chairs (5742)
Robotic Process Automation Overdue Collections Case (5746)
Something that Works: The Evolution of a Steganography Exercise (5766)
Tax Time: An Interdisciplinary Data Analytics Experiential Learning Activity (5779)
Teaching Tip Let's Get Cracking - Teaching about cyber security and better password management by starting with cracking a safe (5757)
Understanding Wi-Fi (5842)
Unearth IoT Security Vulnerabilities by Reverse Engineering: A Case Study of an IoT-based Face Recognition Application (5784)