EDSIGCON Proceedings 2022

Clearwater FL, November 2022

Conference Highlights


Curriculum (Model / Assessment)

A Teaching Case: A Seminar Course in Accessible Computing (5817)
An Investigation of the Conceptual Complexity of Exams Questions in an Introductory Programming Course (5777)
Enforcement of Prerequisites in Computer Science (5782)
IS2020 Model Curriculum: Understanding the Curricular Gaps for ACBSP Accredited Programs (5832)
Rebranding IS/IT Management Programs: The Case of Business Technology Management (BTM) in Canada (5850)
Using Co-plot Method to Explore IS/IT Concentrations in Top-Ranked MBA Programs in the U.S.: A Work-in-progress Study (5808)

Cybersecurity (Education)

A Case Study in Identifying and Measuring Skills Honed from a Cybersecurity Competition (5751)
A Chatbot for Teaching Secure Programming (5752)
A Mixed-Method Study of Significant Learning Experiences with Cyber Ranges in Cybersecurity Education (5728)
Adopting the DFORS-quiz app on Mobile Systems for Learning in Education with a focus on Digital Forensics. (5781)
Command and Control - Revisiting EATPUT as an IS Model for Understanding SIEM Complexity (5771)
Community College Cybersecurity Programs - a Proposed Framework (5824)
Considering Maritime Cybersecurity at a Non-Maritime Education and Training Institution (5775)
CyberEducation-by-Design (5760)
Deepening Intrusion Detection Understanding via a Simple IDS Assignment (5806)
Exploring The Strategies Collegiate Cybersecurity Instructors Need To Maximize Engagement Of Generation Z Cybersecurity Learners (5723)
Maximizing the Educational Benefits of the Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition (PCDC) Experience (5755)

Data Analytics (Education in)

An Examination of Tableau as a Supplement to Excel to Enhance Data Literacy Skills (5768)
An Industry Survey of Analytics Spreadsheet Tools Adoption: Microsoft Excel vs Google Sheets (5786)
Incorporating Big Data Tools for Social Media Analytics in a Business Analytics Course (5798)
Integrating IS2020 Elective Competencies in Data and Information Courses (5778)
Preliminary Analysis of Student Feedback from a Master's Degree Program in Data Analytics (5749)

Online Learning (Innovation in)

Embedded Tutors in Online IT courses: Perceptions of students' comfort, confidence, and utilization of a pilot program (5729)
Onliners versus On-grounders in Higher Education: A Two-Step Cluster Analysis (5753)

Other IS/IT/CS Topics (Education)

A Review of Immersive Virtual Reality in Special Education (5826)
Autonomous Vehicle Education using Learning Kits (5791)
Captive Audience: Mobile Learning Motivation Factors Mid-Pandemic (5807)
Managing Graduate Student Advisement Questions during a Season of Explosive Growth: Development and Testing of an Advising Chatbot (5745)
Measuring Learners' Cognitive Load When Engaged with an Algorithm Visualization Tool (5776)
Quo Vadis, Micro-Credentials? An Empirical Analysis of Micro-Credentials in US Higher Education (5772)
What Do They Know? Digital Literacy Competencies of First-Year College Students (5773)

Pedagogy (Innovation in)

A New ERP Curriculum to Integrate Computer Technologies, Accounting, and Data Analytics (5793)
Combining Project Based Learning and Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to Teach Robotic Process Automation Analysis and Design (5733)
Enhancing Learning in Business Education (5725)
Flipped Classrooms & Project Dojos for Enhancing Peer-Learning in Classrooms (5740)
Framework for Incorporating User Experience Design in the IS Curriculum through Community-Engaged Projects (5789)
Implementing a First-Year Experience Course for IT Majors (5727)
Project Failure 'not an option' with Active, Team-Based Learning (5844)
Question Driven Introductory Programming Instruction: A Pilot Study (5767)
Using LinkedIn Learning as a Component of Blended Learning in Two Separate Analytics Courses - Early Results (5769)