Papers Presented

EDSIGCON Papers Chair

Jeffry Babb, Texas A&M University

Assistant Papers Chair

Neelima Bhatnagar, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown


A Big Data Analytics Methodology Program in the Health Sector (3412)
A Conceptual Metaphor Based Model for Enhanced Understanding of Programming Concepts (3480)
A Forced Paradigm Change (3428)
A Longitudinal Analysis of the Reid List of First Programming Languages (3465)
A Longitudinal Study of CIS Students, Course Performance and MBTI Personality Types (3453)
A Perception Study of Bullying Prevalence in the Information Systems Profession (3417)
A Real-World-Projects Capstone Course in Computing: A 15-year Experience (3476)
A Systematic Approach to Evolving the Curriculum in a Graduate IT Program (3475)
A Tale of Two Curricula: The Case for Prerequisites in the Model Curriculum (3440)
A Technical Infrastructure to Integrate Dynamics AX ERP and CRM into University Curriculum (3408)
A Topic Analysis of ISECON Conference Proceedings from 1982 through 2014 (3441)
Acclimating Students to Technology in the First-Year College Experience (3426)
Agile Preparation Within a Traditional Project Management Course (3429)
An Observational Study of Peer Learning for High School Students at a Cybersecurity Camp (3410)
Assessing Faculty Perceptions and Techniques to Combat Academic Dishonesty in Online Courses (3433)


Building I.S. Professionals through a Real-World Client Project in a Database Application Development Course (3459)


Class Exercises for Active Learning in Software Verification and Validation (3457)
Computing’s History of Boom and Bust: Lessons for IS Curriculum Design (3466)
Cyber Security Day: Creating a Mock Cyber Competition Event to Increase Student Interest in Cyber Security (3481)


Developing a Directed Information Systems Capstone to Enhance Cloud Competencies (3482)
Developing Capable Undergraduate Students: A focus on Problem Based Learning and Assessment (3467)
Developing Project Based Learning, Integrated Courses from Two Different Colleges at an Institution of Higher Education: An Overview of the Processes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned (3432)
Differences in Males and Females in When and Why They Become Interested in Information Systems Majors (3411)


Engaging Students as Co-Lecturers in Information Systems and Technology Courses (3451)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Student Group Work for Mobile Application Development Learning, Productivity, Enjoyment and Confidence in Quality (3456)
Expanding Participation in Computing: Including Programming Principles in a Non-Majors Course (3468)
Experience with Multi-Disciplinary Student STEAM Teams (3423)


Facebook's Impact on Higher Education Classes: An Empirical Study (3422)
From Tech Skills to Life Skills: The Google Online Marketing Challenge and Experiential Learning (3421)
Full Flip, Half Flip and No Flip: Evaluation of Flipping an Introductory Programming Course (3430)


Game Development as a Pathway to Information Technology Literacy (3425)
Guilds, Die Rolls, and Leaderboards: Gamification of Two Undergraduate Multimedia and Social Media Courses (3460)


How an Active Learning Classroom Transformed IT Executive Management (3449)
How secure is education in Information Technology? A method for evaluating security education in IT (3431)


Incorporating Applied Critical Thinking into Computer Information Systems Curriculum under a University-Wide Initiative (3474)
Information Systems Education: The Case for the Academic Cloud (3469)
Integrating ERP Project System into IS Project Management Curriculum (3470)
Introducing IT Strategy in an Introductory Course (3450)
IS Design Pedagogy: A Special Ontology and Prospects for Curricula (3445)


Maximizing Classroom Interaction by Presenting Course Content with Video Podcasts (3483)
Medical Residents’ Perceptions of an E-Learning Experience (3420)
MOOCs as a Supplement to Classroom Instruction: An Instructor’s Perspective (3477)


On the Development of Assessments of Student Learning in an Introductiory Information Management Course (3479)
Organizing an App Inventor Summer Camp for Middle School Girls: What the Experts Don’t Tell You (3462)


Preparing Students for a Capstone Design Course (3439)
Progression of a Data Visualization Assignment (3448)
Protecting Privacy in Big Data: A Layered Approach for Curriculum Integration (3427)
Putting the Leader into Project Management (3454)


Redesigning the Traditional Introductory Computer Course: A Pretest/Posttest Analysis (3409)


Salient Beliefs in Majoring in Management Information Systems: An Elicitation Study (3444)
Smart Phone and App Usage Among College Students: Using Smartphones Effectively for Social and Educational Needs (3424)
Social Media Entrepreneur: Linkedin to World Professional Network (3436)
Streamlining the Capstone Process: A Time-Saving Approval System For Graduate Theses/Projects (3437)
Student Success - Interweaving Skills for Success in Computer Introductory Courses (3471)


Teaching Information Systems Courses in China: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons for US Educators (3443)
Teaching Systems Thinking for Effective Problem Solving (3455)
The Application of Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Techniques in a Systems Analysis & Design Flipped Classroom (3416)
The Case for Inclusion of Competitive Teams in Security Education (3435)
The Development of an Educational Cloud for IS Curriculum through a Student-Run Data Center (3447)
The Relative Efficacy of Video and Text Tutorials in Online Computing Education (3464)
The Success (or not) of the Unprepared Student in a Blended Learning Environment in Higher Education (3413)
Themed Learning with Music and Technology (3442)


Using a Flipped Course for 2-year College Outreach (3458)
Using a Multimedia Final Project in an IT Ethics Course (3452)
Using Current Events to Enhance Information Systems Pedagogy (3472)


Vocabularies for Describing Digital Media (3461)


Writing in the First Person for Academic and Research Publication (3487)