Teaching Cases

Teaching Case Co-Chair

Cameron Lawrence, University of Montana

Teaching Case Co-Chair

Anthony Serapiglia, St. Vincent College


Aardvark Design: The Impact of IT Infrastructure on Application Development and Deployment (4231)
Accentra: Thrashing through ERP (4228)
American Guild of Musical Artists: A Case for System Development, Data Modeling, and Analytics (4225)


Cloudy Decisions: How the Cloud Affects Infrastructure Decision Making (4224)
Colonial Heritage Foundation: A Conceptual Modeling Case (4236)
Comprehensive Relational Database Design and Development for Local Church: A Teaching Case Study (4229)


Ding Dong, You've Got Mail! A Lab Activity for Teaching the Internet of Things (4221)


SAPCO: From Good to Great (4222)


Taking the High Road: Privacy in the Age of Drones (4223)
Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Disaster Recover in a Small Business Context (4230)
The Piranha Solution: Monitoring and Protection of Proprietary System Intangible Assets (4227)
Tourism through Travel Club: A Database Project Scheduled (4232)


Water Level Detection System (4226)