EDSIGCON Proceedings 2020

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2020

Virtual Conference, November 2020

Conference Highlights


(ordered by presentation time)

Workshop Chair

Nesrin Bakir, West Texas A&M University

Teaching Cloud: AWS, Azure, or Google?

Jill West
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

The cloud computing industry is currently dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. That means our students could find themselves using any or all of these three major platforms as they enter the industry. How do we as instructors need to prepare our students for these different cloud environments? What educational resources do each of these cloud providers offer classrooms and instructors so our students can get their hands dirty in the cloud? In this workshop, we’ll explore the platforms and cloud services from AWS, Azure, and Google. More...

Wednesday at 2:00 pm

Virtual Instruction Tools: Where to Start?

Jill West
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

While many of us have figured out the basics to “get by” with remote instruction, you might find yourself thinking, “Surely there’s a better way!” Maybe you’ve googled for edtech tools, but there are so many. Where do you start? Or maybe you’ve tried one or a few, and they haven’t worked out so well. Now what? In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the most popular, tried-and-true online instruction tools. More...


Transform an Excel file to a real web and mobile app in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix!

Carrie Saarinen
Mendix, Inc.

Emma Diprizio
Mendix, Inc.

Perfect for students of all levels – create an app in minutes from an Excel file. Whether you’re new to Mendix or to the latest in Mendix, open up the world of building a robust full-stack app via Excel. You will build a simple app, learn how 150+ other universities are using Mendix in the classroom, and receive customized or ready-to-use activities for your students. More...

Thursday at 9:00 am

Teaching Agile Project Management

Kathy Schwalbe
Augsburg College

Many colleges and universities have included courses in project management in the curriculum, primarily using a traditional/predictive/waterfall approach. Today there is a lot of interest in using an agile or hybrid approach to project management in software development as well as many other application areas. In this workshop, I will share new exercises and teaching cases I have written to assist instructors and their students in understanding agile and hybrid approaches to managing projects.

Thursday at 10:40 am

Low Code App Development Workshop

Meg Fryling
Siena College

Organizations are struggling to find faster and cheaper ways to meet their software needs, in an environment where there is a shortage of software engineers (Torres, 2018). In response, no-code and low-code development platforms (LCDPs) have emerged with the promise that organizations can hire business professionals with no coding experience to build applications (Rayome, 2018). This workshop will provide an introduction to the Mendix Low Code App Platform, which uses a visual Model-Driven Development (MDD) approach to rapidly develop applications with little-to-no programming experience. More...
Thursday at 3:00 pm

REST API for Beginners? Yes, Beginners!

Cynthia Trotta
Mendix, Inc.

Emma Diprizio
Mendix, Inc.

Getting data from other services is a critical part of building software, yet it seems “too advanced” for students. Or is it? We all know a motivated student is an engaged student. We have the motivation needed. Instead of students creating a user dataset manually, they can automatically pull in users from a random user generator site. Exchange that low-skill time for learning this higher-skill method. More...

Friday at 9:00 am

Teaching the First Course in Information Systems: Integrating Theory and Practice

Hossein Bidgoli
California State University

Danielle Klahr
Cengage Learning

Teaching the first course in Information Systems is a challenging task. Some students come to the course with different backgrounds and some students come with little to no background. Teaching the course in a pure theory format would be uninteresting and teaching it in a pure technical manner could discourage certain students. We have developed an ideal format and framework for teaching this course that integrates cutting-edge Information Systems topics such as blockchain, mobile analytics, IoT, VR, and AI with Porter's Three Strategies and Five Forces Model. The framework brings a practical view to the course which has been well received by a diverse group of students. More...

Friday at 10:40 am