EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

Norfolk, Virginia

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2018 EDSIGCON Proceedings - Abstract Presentation

The Emergence of Business Analytics in Information Systems from 2011-2018

Katherine Chudoba
Utah State University

Robert Mills
Utah State University

Kelly Fadel
Utah State University

Subject Area/Track: Model IS Curriculum ABSTRACT The demand for graduates with coursework in big data, data science, and analytics continues to grow, and many career rankings list these skills among the top in demand by industry. In 2007, Undergraduate computer-related majors in AACSB accredited schools of business had very few offerings in business analytics. This study examines the emergence of business analytics within computer-related majors. In addition, we examine the impact of program names and geographic locations on programs offering majors and concentrations in analytics. Results indicate 34% of programs now include analytics majors or concentrations in the curriculum, and found the programs positively correlated to initial programs that were outside of the common MIS, IS, and CIS name designations. In addition, programs adding analytics was positively correlated with schools in the Northeast geographic region of the country. Nine percent of programs have changed their department name to include the term analytics whereas in 2007, our data only included a single program with the term analytics included in the department title. Finally, the names of the new majors and concentrations vary greatly including business analytics, IS and Analytics, Business and Analytics, and Business Analytics and Intelligence as a few examples. Business Analytics however, was the most common and will be discussed.

Recommended Citation: Chudoba, K., Mills, R., Fadel, K., (2018). The Emergence of Business Analytics in Information Systems from 2011-2018. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2018) n.4798, Norfolk, Virginia