EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

Norfolk, Virginia

Conference Highlights

2018 EDSIG Proceedings - Panel Presentation

Creating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning

Tom Dillon
James Madison University

Tony Dillon
University of South Carolina

Katherine Carl Payne
West Texas A&M University

With an renewed emphasis on engaged and experiential learning, university faculty are seeking new methods to bring outside professionals into the classroom and to enhance and monitor internship experiences. Successful examples will be presented and discussed.

Targeted Attendees
Faculty who currently have the culture of experiential learning and those who desire to learn more.

Recommended Citation: Dillon, T., Dillon, T., Payne, K. C., (2018). Creating a Culture for Internships and Experiential Learning. Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (2018) n.4732, Norfolk, Virginia