EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

Norfolk, Virginia

Conference Highlights

2018 EDSIG Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Using Active Learning and Agile Platform Development to Transform Introductory MIS Courses

Ted Tedmon
North Idaho College

Casey Wilhelm
North Idaho College

Join us for a collaborative discussion of best practices in the use of new technologies that are changing the way students learn MIS. This workshop will explore the possibilities that recent developments in learning science have uncovered. Numerous studies support the claim that todayís students donít read. Adaptive learning provides a formative assessment approach that engages without intimidation or boredom. It also gives professors the analytics needed to design targeted lectures and quickly identify students at risk of drop, incomplete, withdrawal or failure. Success with formative assessments leads to higher student confidence in their knowledge, reduces text anxiety, and demonstrably improves performance on summative assessments.

Targeted Attendees
Instructors of MIS courses