EDSIGCON Proceedings 2018

Norfolk, Virginia

Conference Highlights

2018 EDSIG Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Build real web and mobile apps in your classroom. No coding needed. Free with Mendix!

Daniela Field

If you teach courses like Systems Analysis and Design, IT Project Management and Intro/Capstone courses, you likely have your students build some sort of solution. With students of varying technical backgrounds, the tools available to execute their projects can be limited. With Mendix, students can build real, working web and mobile applications without needing to code. Mendix is the leading low-code app development platform and through our University Program, Professors and students enjoy completely free Mendix technology, training, certifications and curriculum.

Targeted Attendees
Join this workshop to get hands-on experience building apps on Mendix and receive ready-to-use curriculum materials you can easily integrate into your courses. You will build a simple app, learn how 80+ other universities are using Mendix in the classroom, and receive customized or ready-to-use activities for your students. You’ll also receive fun swag!