EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Highlights

2019 EDSIGCON Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Engaging the Distracted: Using Technology to Meet the Challenge of Reaching Gen Z and Millennials Without Deterring Non-Traditional Students

Casey Wilhelm
North Idaho College

Ted Tedmon
North Idaho College

A dynamic, interactive discussion of how student populations have changed and how professors can adjust instructional designs to meet these changes. While many classes include significant numbers of ESL students and while numerous students receive accommodations for cognitive challenges such as ADHD, little is done to meet the needs of these students aside from allowing additional time for assignments or assessments. Often, these accommodations alienate students by requiring them to use alternative examination sites such as testing centers, which can exacerbate feelings of separation from the rest of the class. Additionally, recent CCSSE reports, and numerous other studies, show that millennials and Gen Z students do not read textbooks, many believing it is more efficient to use “Quizlet” and similar sites to prepare for tests, yet most instructors still assign traditional readings, citing their own learning experiences. Similarly, millennials, in particular, demand more recognition as well as the opportunity to provide feedback for their assignments, but aside from an end-of-term survey, few courses provide for these needs. Using adaptive learning, unlimited, timed, formative assessments, and integrated learning, the presentation provides tools, and the rationale behind their use, in order to assist instructors to increase student engagement, retention, and academic success.

Targeted Attendees
Professors, associate professors, and instructors with undergraduate classes comprised of diverse student populations including non-traditionals as well as millennials and Gen-Z students.