EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Highlights

2019 EDSIGCON Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Technology for Every Major

Misty Decker

Most everyone needs some skills in technology in order to do their jobs well, from artists using digital rendering to lawyers programming contracts in a blockchain and even school teachers using analytics to understand student needs. Future job roles will include more and more of these advanced technologies, requiring students to develop T-shaped skills with depth in their major and breadth in a wider variety of topics than ever before. Therefore it is imperative that universities give every student some exposure to modern technologies. But how to do that when technology is changing faster than the speed of curriculum development? In this presentation, Misty Decker will demonstrate some surprising examples of how your students in even non-technical degrees will need to understand modern technologies. She will provide concrete examples of how you can integrate classroom teaching, hands-on projects, independent study, workshops and research partnerships, leveraging industry partnerships to more easily adapt to the changing technical landscape.

Targeted Attendees
All MIS/CIS faculty interested in extending the reach of technology courses to other majors