EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Highlights

2019 EDSIGCON Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Introduction to Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)

Clif Kussmaul
Green Mango Associates, LLC

This workshop introduces computing educators to Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL). In a POGIL classroom, teams of 3-4 learners work on activities with a particular structure based on learning cycles. Through scripted inquiry and investigation, learners discover concepts and construct their own knowledge. Using assigned team roles and other scaffolding, learners develop process skills and individual responsibility. The teacher is not a lecturer, but an active facilitator who helps all students to be engaged and achieve the learning objectives. POGIL is an evidence-based approach, and has been shown to significantly improve student outcomes.

Across computing education, there is growing interest in evidence-based strategies to improve learning and retention. The CS­POGIL community has grown rapidly over the past several years; over 80 teachers have attended 3-day POGIL workshops to learn more about using and developing POGIL materials. A survey of CS POGIL teachers found that they believe their students learn more, are more engaged and active, and develop better skills with POGIL. Workshop participants will work through POGIL activities as students, and work through POGIL meta-activities that are designed to help teachers learn core POGIL concepts, practices, and benefits. We will share POGIL materials for a variety of computing courses and concepts. For more information, see http://IntroCSpogil.org and http://pogil.org, including activities for CS1, CS2, and other courses. Laptops optional.

Targeted Attendees
This workshop is intended for anyone interested in teaching and learning approaches that are described as active, constructivist, or discovery-based, including both college and high school faculty. We assume familiarity with basic computer science concepts (e.g. CS2). We do not assume any prior experience with POGIL.