EDSIGCON Proceedings 2019

Cleveland, Ohio

Conference Highlights

2019 EDSIGCON Proceedings - Workshop Presentation

Improving IS Student Decisions: A Framework for Debiasing IS Projects

John Drake John Drake
East Carolina University

Projects are a powerful way to help students learn IS concepts. Yet, student results are often wildly inconsistent in quality. Is there a way to systemically improve the quality of projects made by students to create higher quality results? This presentation introduces a framework for evaluating project design that strategically debiases student thinking. By instituting an array of task-based and behavioral-based debiasing techniques, instructors can design a course to effectively limit or mitigate the biases of students. This framework has been used in a project for an e-commerce course, but opportunities abound in other courses. This presentation will be interactive, with worksheets and activities to spark conversation.

Targeted Attendees
IS Instructors teaching with projects.