EDSIGCON Proceedings 2022

Clearwater FL, November 2022

Conference Highlights


Abstracts Chairs

Victor Berardi, Kent State University, Stark Campus

Vaneet Kaur, Kent State University, Stark Campus

A Reproducible Applied Threat Hunting and Incident Response Lab Environment (5831)

A Systematic Review of Affordable Homeownership using Data Science Methods(5829)

A University's Computing Excellence Scholarship: Chronicling the Journey's First Year (5819)

Active Learning through Computer Network Certification(5770)

Applying Flipped Classroom in Information Systems Analysis and Design Course(5834)

AWS Academy as an economical and effective Pedagogy for IT Systems Administration Essentials Course(5794)

Bridging The Gap In Artificial Intelligence Education For Undergraduate Business Students(5825)

Bringing Low Code/No Code into the Classroom A Guide to Choosing the Right Tools(5816)

Building an Inclusive Information Systems Program: An Assessment and Expansion of Initial Interventions(5823)

Building Intercultural Competence in Information Systems Study Abroad(5800)

Cloud Tools for Teaching IT (5847)

Constructing a resolute citizen development research paradigm: A metatheoretical perspective(5780)

Defining and Describing Information Systems Degree Programs: Challenges and Opportunities(5839)

Electronic Cyber Badge: An Experiential Teaching Platform for Cybersecurity Concepts(5845)

Exploring the Concept of Cheating as Influenced by a Global Pandemic(5795)

Exploring the Uses of Microsoft Excel® in the Business Curriculum(5836)

Non-Fungible Token Ethics: A Research Framework(5848)

Pedagogical Approaches in Digital Marketing Analytics Course(5833)

Redesigning CIS 100: Solving Business Problems with Information Technology: A Project-Based Learning Approach (5843)

Student achievement and perceived instructor effectiveness: Do the same factors explain the variance in both? (5841)

Teaching Routing Concepts: The Internet of Strings(5840)

The Gaps between STEM Education and Industry: A Focus Group(5835)

The influence of gamified cybersecurity labs on Student's motivation and learning (5828)

The State of FinTech in Academia: An AACSB Survey(5837)

Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Deepfakes(5792)

Using GitLab for Education program for a collaborative Cyber Infrastructure among Cybersecurity educators, learners, and researchers across the Pennsylvania State University Commonwealth Campuses(5743)

Using Machine Learning to Predict Online Movie Rating Based on the Movie Characteristics: A Team Pattern Perspective (5827)

Utilizing VR Cybersecurity Escape Rooms for Middle Schoolers to Break Poverty Cycles (5821)

What needs updated and when? Project Management Education Implications of the Seventh Edition PMBOK Update(5838)