Abstracts Chair

Victor Berardi, Kent State University, Stark Campus

An initial evaluation of the impact of a workflow automation activities intervention on student self-perception (5590)
Boosting Equity in Information Systems Courses by Eradicating the Textbook Cost Barrier (5618)
Bridging Cognitive Load and Self-regulated Learning: A meta-UTAUT Perspective (5593)
Building a Scalable, Platform-Agnostic Relational Database Module for Introduction to MIS (5554)
Business Analytics with R – Best Practices for Successful Course Design (5632)
Comparison of Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Classes: A Case Study (5611)
Cyber Threats on IoT and AI assisted Digital Learning Environments (5536)
Data Analytics Pedagogy: Incorporating New Tools Amidst the Theory (5634)
Debriefing an SQL Exploratory Activity to Detect Data Anomalies, Summary Statistics, and Potential Fraud Within a 100,000-Invoice Dataset (5506)
DevOps: The Sky’s the Limit in Higher Education. (5617)
Do Leaders Articulate Differently? Identifying and Validating Project Team Leaders Through Text Analysis of Peer Evaluations of Team-Member Contributions (5555)
Encouraging Metacognition in Programming Courses (5615)
Encouraging Women in an Information Systems Program: an Origin Story (5576)
Engagement Fellowship Program: Adapting the IT Project Management Environment through the Pandemic (5619)
Exploratory Study of Lecture Approaches on Data Analytics Tools at Business Schools (5612)
Exploring Low Code Development with the Power Platform (5638)
Fried Tofu and Cats in Boxes: Teaching Abstract Concepts in Business Analytics (5633)
Gold Rush Antiques: A Database Management Case (5631)
Information Systems Education: Taking Advantage of Resilience to Create Opportunities (5607)
IPv6 RPKI Implementation Validator: A Security Utility for BGP Administrators (5628)
Launching an Integrated Technologies Curriculum and Lab (5616)
Making Business Analytics More Engaging, a Three-Phase approach (5604)
MWC3: An example of an Intercollegiate Regional Computing Conference (5620)
Secrets to the Successful IS Capstone Course (5558)
Securing a Security Job (5635)
Solutions by design: Building a portfolio of workflow automation activities (5596)
Technology Program Enrollments At Schools of Business And How To Help Meet The Labor Demand For Professionals (5622)
Using Python for teaching 802.11 security and intrusion detection (5627)